Is it too late for me to consider adoption for my baby?

No. Adoption Bridges can assist you in placing your child if you are in the late stages of your pregnancy, on your way to the hospital, and even after you have already delivered.  You can call us at 1-800-542-5245.  After hours and on weekends we may be reached at (502) 468-4290.  You can also tell the hospital staff that you would like Adoption Bridges to be contacted.

Do you only place babies?

We are licensed to place children up to the age of five.

What is adoption?

Adoption is defined as a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by birth.

Why would someone choose adoption for their child? 

The circumstances are different for every person faced with the decision.  The one thing that is true for all is that it is a choice made out of love.

How can I prepare for the adoption?

One way is to utilize your birth parent advocate.  Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana provides birth parents with their own advocate.  They are available to listen to your concerns, educate you about the process, and provide support.  While our advocates do not make decisions for you, they  can help you look at your options, explore your feelings and understand the process so you can determine if choosing adoption is what is best for you and your baby.

Can I choose the family for my baby?

Absolutely.  Your advocate will show you profile books of waiting families to choose from.  You may also wish to meet with the adoptive parents.  Such meetings typically take place over a meal at a restaurant.  Your advocate will attend to make introductions and help facilitate conversation.

Do I have to choose the adoptive parents?

If you would prefer not to choose, the agency can take any preferences you have into account and select adoptive parents based on your criteria.

Is adoption confidential?  How much will the adoptive parents know about me?

Yes.  We respect your privacy and confidentiality.  While we provide adoptive parents with medical history, social and family history, legal situation regarding the adoption; etc, we do not give them any identifying information such as your last name, address or phone number.  You may choose to share additional information if you would like.

What is open adoption and how does it work?

Open adoptions involve relationships between the adoptive family and birth family and mutually agreed upon forms of communication. Some families write letters and send photos on a regular basis. Some e-mail, call or text. Some meet in person. The ways the parties communicate and the frequency of the contact varies depending on the individuals.  Your counselor will discuss the topic of contact as you create your adoption plan.

How will I know the baby is going to a good home?

Adoption Bridges carefully screens every applicant wanting to adopt a child.  We require background checks, medical reports, personal references, credit references and additional documentation.  We visit their home and thoroughly interview each applicant.  Before we ever show the profile to any birth parent, the adoptive parents have been approved and have shown that they are able to provide a good home and physically, emotionally and financially assume the responsibility of parenting.

Can I see pictures or get updates even if I don’t choose an open adoption arrangement?

Yes.  We ask all adoptive parents to send photos and update letters for the first three years of the child’s life.  If you do not wish to have them sent to you at the scheduled times, the agency will keep them in a file in the event that you decide you would like them.  You can contact the agency at any time to update your preference and mailing address.

Does the adoption cost me any money?

No.  Services are provided at no cost to the birthparents.  The expenses are generally paid through adoptive parent fees.

Can I get financial assistance?

Financial assistance can be available for necessary living expenses or expenses related to the pregnancy, birth and placement of the child for adoption.  Your counselor will review financial needs with you and set up a plan for assistance.

What about the legal process?

The agency can hire a lawyer at no cost to you for the adoption process.  Your lawyer fully explains your rights, answers your questions and provides you with all of the necessary legal paperwork for the adoption. Adoption laws and regulations differ from state to state. The process will be a little different if you live in Kentucky than it will if you live in Indiana.

What happens after the adoption?

You will always be the child’s birth parent and therefore play a very special role in his/her life.  You can find comfort in the knowledge that he or she is growing up in the secure, loving environment that you chose.  If you should find yourself having difficulty with your decision, Adoption Bridges is here to listen to your concerns and can provide counseling services to help you deal with the emotions you may experience following the adoption.